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dimanche 22 octobre 2017


Clinical Trials News From Medical News Today

Latest Clinical Trials News From Medical News Today.

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Arthritis drug could cure severe heart condition
Researchers find that drug being tested for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis may also hold the key to preventing aortic valve stenosis.
mardi 13 juin 2017
Promising new treatment option for chronic plaque psoriasis
Affecting more than 6 million Americans, chronic plaque psoriasis manifests as patches of red, scaly skin most frequently on the scalp, elbows and knees.
jeudi 8 juin 2017
New chemotherapy approach offers breast cancer patients a better quality of life
The chemotherapy drug capecitabine gives patients a better quality of life and is as effective at preventing breast cancer from returning as the alternative regimen called CMF, when given following...
mercredi 7 juin 2017
Common acne medication offers new treatment for multiple sclerosis
Study results offer safe and affordable treatment option.A Canadian clinical trial led by researchers at the University of Calgary's Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI), at the Cumming School of...
mardi 6 juin 2017
Ovarian cancer drug delivers 'very promising' results in early trial
Drug that mimics action of folic acid shrinks half of tumours.A new targeted treatment for ovarian cancer has shown 'very promising' results in an early clinical trial - shrinking tumours in...
mardi 6 juin 2017
Immunotherapy drug effective for metastatic triple negative breast cancer
Pembrolizumab shown to shrink tumors - regardless of whether patient had prior treatment.
mardi 6 juin 2017
Adding abiraterone to standard treatment improves prostate cancer survival by 40 per cent
Adding abiraterone to hormone therapy at the start of treatment for prostate cancer improves survival by 37 per cent, according to the results of one of the largest ever clinical trials for prostate...
lundi 5 juin 2017
Ketamine may not reduce post-surgery pain, delirium
A new clinical trial suggests that the drug currently used to reduce postoperative pain and delirium may not be effective after all.
mercredi 31 mai 2017
Drug for refractory psoriatic arthritis shows promise in clinical trial
In a pivotal phase-3 clinical trial led by a Stanford University School of Medicine investigator, patients with psoriatic arthritis for whom standard-of-care pharmaceutical treatments have provided...
vendredi 26 mai 2017
Australian researchers pioneer life-extending treatment for advanced melanoma patients with brain tumours
Australian researchers are the first to demonstrate that patients with advanced melanoma which has spread to the brain can have increased life expectancy and possibly even beat the disease.
jeudi 18 mai 2017
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