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Clinical Trials News From Medical News Today

Latest Clinical Trials News From Medical News Today.

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WelChol And Ezetimibe Combination Therapy Provides Significant LDL-C Reductions
A new study found that taking WelChol(R) (colesevelam HCl) in combination with ezetimibe reduced LDL-C by 32%, reducing mean LDL-C levels by an additional 11% over ezetimibe monotherapy in patients with primary hypercholesterolemia (p [click link for full (...)
mardi 14 novembre 2006
Interim Analysis Of New Study Suggests Boosted INVIRASE(R) May Achieve Similar Levels Of HIV Suppression To Boosted Lopinavir
Encouraging results from an interim analysis of a new study suggest that the boosted protease inhibitor (PI/r) INVIRASE(R) 500 mg/r (saquinavir mesylate) has the potential to achieve comparable levels of viral suppression to the most commonly used PI, lopinavir/r (Kaletra(R)), with less lipid (...)
mardi 14 novembre 2006
Approved Asthma Therapy SYMBICORT Improves Lung Function Safely And Effectively
Newly presented data indicate that treatment with SYMBICORT(R) (budesonide/formoterol fumarate dihydrate) inhalation aerosol results in significantly greater improvements in lung function, and a lower risk of asthma worsening episodes, compared to budesonide and/or formoterol used alone. In (...)
mardi 14 novembre 2006
Scios Announces Selection Of Independent Executive Committee And Planned Protocol Design For The ASCEND-HF Landmark International Outcomes Trial
Scios Inc. today announced the 13 heart failure experts from North America and Europe who will serve on the independent executive committee that will lead the ASCEND-HF (Acute Study of Clinical Effectiveness of Nesiritide in Decompensated Heart Failure) trial. Scios also described the general (...)
mardi 14 novembre 2006
Enzyme Inhibitor Produces Stable Disease In Patients With Advanced Solid Cell Cancers
Preliminary trials of a MEK enzyme inhibitor have shown that it is capable of producing long-lasting stable disease in patients with advanced solid cancers. Tests showed that the drug inhibited key targets in the patients' tumours, and now it is being tested in phase II clinical trials. [click (...)
lundi 13 novembre 2006
Drug That Interrupts A Key Stage Of Cell Division Shows Promise For Advanced Solid Tumors
One of the first studies to investigate the effects of a new anti-cancer drug in patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumours has shown that it is capable of halting progression of the disease, and the study has provided the first proof of the drug's mechanism of action.The drug works by (...)
lundi 13 novembre 2006
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Makes $200K Grant To Parkinson Study Group
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) has announced a $200,000 award to the Parkinson Study Group (PSG) to fund new and innovative programs that facilitate the clinical research process so that treatments and therapies move at an accelerated rate from "bench to bedside." The money was (...)
lundi 13 novembre 2006
Window Of Opportunity: Early Doses Of Methotrexate May Stop Certain Forms Of Arthritis Before They Start
Can you intervene early in the progression of a disease to prevent it from becoming chronic and full-blown? Evidently yes if those patients with probable rheumatoid arthritis have anti-CCP antibodies, according to research presented this week at the American College of Rheumatology Annual (...)
lundi 13 novembre 2006
Study Evaluates Two Medications For ADHD
University of Illinois at Chicago researchers are comparing two drugs commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to determine if genetic factors predict which children will respond to either or both drugs.Many different medications are used to treat ADHD, including (...)
dimanche 12 novembre 2006
Entremed Presents Preclinical Data For Tubulin Inhibitors In Oncology
EntreMed, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENMD), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases, announced the presentation of results for its preclinical tubulin inhibitor program. [click link for full (...)
dimanche 12 novembre 2006
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