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samedi 13 août 2022


Intellectual property and copyright


The whole of this website is under the french and international laws on the copyright and the intellectual property.

Original documents on this website are a collective work carried out by former CCPPRB Marseille 2 and current REC Sud-Méditerranée II and diffused under its name, in accordance with articles L.112-1 and L.113-1 and -2 of the french Code of the Intellectual Property (CPI). The REC Sud-Méditerranée II is thus alone to have all the rights of exploitation of its productions (art L.113-5 of CPI) and to decide what kind of methods of publication, diffusion or translation are appropriate.

Reproduction on paper or by electronics of the documents on line in this website is authorized only if are strictly respected the three following conditions :

  • 1. no commercial use,
  • 2. respect of the integrity of the reproduced documents : no alteration of any kind,
  • 3. clear and readable quotation of the source in the following form : “this document comes from the website of the REC Sud-Méditerranée II : www.cpp-sudmed2.fr”

Publié le dimanche 20 août 2006


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